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PC Repair

We offer all aspects of PC repair (desktop & laptop), service, and maintenance.  This would entail running diagnostics and malware scans using a variety of tools.  We can clear virus infections, malware, junk files, and clear temporary and unused files from the system.  We make sure the operating system is fully updated and all customer concerns have been touched on.  Physical PC repair takes a different path as typically the damage is evident.  We can fully disassemble, fix, and replace any damaged or faulty parts.  We work with all brands of personal computers and get them working like they should.

PC Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses and generally malware can greatly affect the performance of your computer.  This malicious programming can log data such as passwords and other critical information which can be sent off and used in nefarious ways.  We have the tools and skills necessary for PC virus and malware removal.

PC Hardware Diagnostics

Is your PC running slow, overheating, or are certain parts not working correctly?  We can run an array of PC hardware  diagnostics tools, scanners, and years of experience to pinpoint the exact problem.  If necessary, we can get those parts replaced.

PC Performance Upgrades

Slow speed, long boot times, and overall poor performance will make any PC feel like a piece of junk.  But we can help with some PC performance upgrades!  With a new SSD, more memory, and better cooling of the CPU, we can have your machine running at blazing speeds.  We can even build a brand new performance oriented system to meet your needs

Windows Updates

Windows updates can cause a whole host of issues form no boot, to black screens, and everything in between.  Problems like these will keep you from being able to use your machine.  The worst part is that most windows updates are mandatory.  Let us take care of it and get those updates fixed.

PC Software Repair

Microsoft Office or Quick books not functioning properly?  Internet browser not leading pages correctly?  That can be fixed with quality PC software repair!  Our techs can get your programs repaired or reinstalled.  We strive to get it setup correctly!

PC Data Recovery

Sometimes, a hard drive will crash.  Other times files go missing or power surges can wipe out your entire system.  Using high end PC data recovery tools, we can typically save your data from most incidences.

What Our Clients Say

Computer Repair
sarah garcia google review photo.png

Sarah Garcia (Wise)

"Matt and his team do great work! Very reliable and trustworthy!"
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