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PC Builds

We offer a range of custom PC builds. Options from workstations built to suit, to great home computer setups made exactly for your use, to full on gaming & streaming PC’s.  We can perform a consultation to gather all the required information for your specific needs and build anything to fit your lifestyle. Another side to PC builds is selecting a manufactured PC and pairing it with selected components and peripherals to meet your standards.

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Home PC Consultation

In order to get the right system built for your needs we first need to perform a consultation with you to figure out your exact needs with the new PC.  We also offer a home PC consultation so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home.  Whether it is for general daily usage or a specific hobby, we can get the right configuration put together.  When you have certain requirements from your home PC such as being able to edit photos & video or looking for that perfect media PC, we can do it.

PC Builds

Business PC Consultation

The business environment has much more demanding situations on a PC than a home setting.  Due to these demands, computers built for commercial settings generally need more power, longer life, and the ability to run 24/7.  When we build custom business PC’s a business PC consultation is the major starting factor to getting it right.  We will sit down with the client, discuss all options and standards for what needs to be put in place to make sure your new custom built PC will do exactly what your business demands of it.

PC Repair

PC Upgrades

Part of doing a custom PC build is going to be PC upgrades to certain components on a machine you already have.  This by far is the most popular first step into the world of building your dream PC.  We start off with an already established base and can upgrade & replace existing components so that your machine performs to your expectations.  Upgrading to a better cooling system, a larger cpu, better power supply, faster memory, and by far the first best upgrade would be to go from a mechanical hard drive or slower SSD to a new super fast solid state drive.

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PC Cable Management & Reconfiguration

A lot of people get very excited about building their own custom PC at home or even for their office.  We always encourage people to get into learning and trying out a build for themselves as it is a great experience.  However the excitement is quickly snuffed out when your new machine will not turn on, boot up, doesn’t perform well, or looks terrible inside due to poor cable routing & management.  As a service we offer to go through your new build with a fine tooth comb, cleanup & correct any physical issues with assembly, and get that rats nest of cables into an orderly fashion and looking great!

Computer Repair

PC Testing & Configuration

A major pitfall to most new PC builders is the allure of overclocking the components to squeeze out every last ounce of performance.  Often times this leads to instability, blue screens, and non boot situations.  While we do not offer overclocking & benchmark competition services, we offer PC testing & configuration to your build to get it back to operating like it should and within safe parameters.

Motherboard Installation

PC Cleanup & Cleanout

While we offer PC cleanup & cleanout services on standard home & business PC’s, the process can be much different and take specialized treatment such as dealing with liquid cooled systems.  We can go through the entire system physically to clean out dust, debris, replace thermal paste as well as cleanup windows of any issues to get your machine running top notch.

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