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Tablet Repair

Tablet Repair
tablet repair

At some point your tablet may need repairs, be it screens, software, or charging issues, we can definitely help.  Apple Ipads are a good contender for repair as the components are readily available and the devices generally hold a higher value than the android counterparts.  Some tablets such as samsung branded units are also viable for repairs, where as most off brand cheaper devices do not pass the check marks for suitable repair options, or we flat out cannot get parts for them.

Tablet Repair Services

Electrician using Tablet

Tablet Screen Repair

By far, the most common repair of tablets is going to be tablet screen repair.  Due to an impact directly to the screen or a physical blow to the corner, we can typically repair most damaged screens.  Even by replacing the entire LCD unit or just the glass digitazer in some circumstances.  Most higher end tablets like Apple Ipads or Samsung Galaxy tablets can be repaired cost efficiently.

Tablet Hardware and Software Repair

Beyond screens repairs, there are a few instances where we can fix physical damages to a tablet.  Instances where the charging port, audio jacks, or cameras have stopped working.  We can diagnose and replace those components with tablet hardware and software repair.  Damages to case corners, buttons, and other outer structures can also generally be replaced.

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