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Phone Repair

Phone Repair

Phone Screen Replacement

In the event your phone screen gets smashed, cracked, or damaged in some fashion, we can help!  We can get replacement screens for most phones especially higher end brands and models.  Screen repairs will consist of either a full LCD panel replacement or glass digitizer replacement depending on the level of damage.

Phone Camera and Audio Jack Replacement

Cameras and audio jacks also are prime candidates for phone camera and audio jack replacement as those two items will get used constantly and tend to wear over time.  Camera lenses that stuck above the surface of the phone can get damaged and push into the camera which will then need replacement.  Audio jacks typically take damage from a cord getting yanked out unexpectedly or from debris building up.

Touch Digitizer Replacement

Sometimes when damage occurs to the screen, its just the glass touch digitizer that is damaged and not the entire LCD panel.  Depending on the exact model of phone, we can replace the digitizer.

Phone Battery Replacement

Most modern phones have internal sealed batteries that cannot be replaced by the user.  In the event your battery loses capacity, starts to swell or otherwise wont take charge, we can help.  Batteries for most modern phones are available for a phone battery replacement.  As batteries age they can become more at risk to failures and in the rare event, cause fires.

Phone Charging Port Repair

Phone charging port repair is one of the top contenders with today's phone repairs.  With the port being open to the elements, pockets, and backs, debris and other foreign materials can get into the port.  When debris gets into the port it can build up causing charging issues and other damages.  Physical damage from getting the cord ripped out or pulled on, as well as excessive wear over time can cause the phone to not detect the power cable.  We can replace most types of charging ports and get new power cables if needed.

Liquid Damage Phone Repair

When liquid gets spilled on electronics it can be devastating, even more so when the damage is on your phone where all your passwords, memories, and other important data resides.  Depending on the level of damage we can help get the phone repaired and functioning again.  If the damage is too great, we work with a 3rd party recovery partner to get your data saved.


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