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Mac Repair

We can repair Mac devices!!!

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Mac Screen Repair

We work on both Apple Imac Desktops and Macbook screens in the event they have been cracked or damaged in any way.  Macbook Pro's and Macbook Airs utilize form factor LCD panels that are built into the lids of the laptops, which means we generally replace the entire lid assembly.  Cracked screens are typically recognized by several factors aside from the apparent shattered glass.  The primary indicator is in the form of colored lines and jagged groups of black or colored spots.  A rainbow effect along a jagged line is also a strong indicator of a cracked LCD screen

Mac Hardware Repair

We offer a full range of Apple Mac hardware repair spanning the Imac Desktops & Macbook Laptops.  We can troubleshoot and diagnose all hardware issues from bad hard-drives, memory modules, power supplies, to other issues with physical components.  We routinely replace failing apple hard disk drives with modern fast solid state hard drives.  Another popular repair is keyboard replacements due to liquid spills.

Mac Repair
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Mac Software Repair

The Apple operating systems are robust and generally problem free.  But there are times when the OS may been reinstalled or repaired.  We can run full diagnostics on the OS or other installed software to determine what needs to be corrected or get it working again.  Despite popular myth, Mac operating systems can and do get infected with malware.  We can scan for and fully clean the OS of all malware and viruses.  We also offer services to help get your new mac setup with the programs you need.

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